2018 bulbs available from late Feb!

We have made our freight simpler with a flat rate of $10 to the South Island and $15 to the North Island!

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Includes triandus, cyclamineus, jonquilla, tazetta and poeticus

Highfield Beauty

A sweetly scented tazetta, with between 1-3 pale yellow flowers per head.  Petals are well rounded and the small cup is of orange tones.  Tall growing, early flowering and great for picking. A very large, hardy bulb, multiplying well.

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Silver Chimes

A pure white/white tazetta. No fewer than 3 flowers per stem. Mid-late season. Fragrant and short growing.

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Our earliest flowering daffodil. A splendid yellow reflex petal with an elongated yellow- turning orange trumpet. Multiplies quickly and makes a lovely bunch of early almost miniature spring cheer. A smaller bulb suited to life on the edge.

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Otherwise known as 'Pheasants Eye', these are our latest flowering varieties. Petals almost glow in the dark, with a delicate, usually orange rimmed, small cup.  Pleasantly fragrant.  Exact varieites may vary between orders.

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This is a smaller flower, with yellow petals and a trumpet that starts yellow and matures white.  Slightly fragrant and produces 1-3 flowers per head.

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