2018 bulbs available from late Feb!

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May have one or more flowers to a stem, with doubling of the perianth, corona, or both.


This double has an outer ring of white petals, with a cluster of white and orange internally.

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An early Orange/yellow double. Mildly fragrant. Very popular.

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Blossom is a delicate white/pink split that lives up to it's name. A delightful specimen.

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Miss Molly

A striking large white/orange double. Mid season. May require staking.

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This two-tone yellow / lemon double is striking. An earlier double to bloom, the large, full head is eye-catching. A nice mid-length, sturdy stem, makes for great picking.

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Striking golden yellow double. Very full. Shorter growing, so fabulous near the front of the garden. Mid-late season. Absolutely striking.

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A strong yellow double with internal petals of lighter shade. Very tall, making a fabulous picker. Late to flower.

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Lady Bell

A delightful, compact looking, strong daffodil, with a generous serving of yellow and white doubling. Good to pick and lasts well in a vase.

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Mac Beth

An early white double that first appears creamy, then matures white.  Multiplies quickly.

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A very popular cut flower.  Strong white petals are complemented by several layers of striking orange and white internal petals.
Flowers mid season.

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A very full, large double daffodil. Layers of yellow and white petals create a dramatic effect.

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Large pink/apricot petaloids with a white backdrop.  Good garden variety. Multiplies quickly

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Rebecca Anne

This fragrant white double has a fusion of white and red internal petals. 

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This magnificent flower is a favourite. A strong yellow perianth with generous yellow and orange doubling. Very hardy and lasts well as a cut flower.

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